15 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (Jan 19th)

15. Cody Shares His Brandi Love

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Sitting on another plane, my wife next to me(she’s bundled up and as asleep as you can be on takeoff. That blazing red hair she has now just effulgent against the light of the window) and I can’t help but acknowledge how immensely connected her and I have become. I love my Wife, and I have since the 2nd date we ever went on...but this isn’t that giddy honeymoon phase love I’m talking about. This is a formal and respected extension of my own body. She was introduced and thrust into an environment by marriage that looking back on and she’d known the road ahead, she might have declined ha. It is never easy being the son or daughter of a public persona, particularly one that shares your field and has had high success. That pales in comparison I think to marrying into it and immediately, without training-wheels, being judged and held to a standard almost beyond comprehension. I’ve only seen a handful who works so hard at their job, who constantly muses over it...and chases the impossible as a performer...satisfaction. She has not tried to change me, and a lot of me is fucked up. She waits til’ the end of every show, because even after everybody is gone I will sign and take pictures around the corral until literal building staff flickers the lights, she doesn’t resort to dramatics when accidents occur and I come up off the ground with a crimson mask and likely a wound that’ll last for some time but she instead takes my hand and sits with a rigid smile as I get stitched up, because she knows we will be here again...and again. It’s who I am. I think about her firm and somewhat intimidating precense in social settings and at work, and I think about how that same “power woman” juxtaposed against the one who comes home to 2 dogs who’s she had since she was in college. Two 16yr old pocket dogs, that she has protected and cherished and how she has more trust in them versus most people. I think about these partnerships that she’s sought out and brokered and how they all have a common trait, helping the less fortunate. She’s a total leader in a tepid and now too often ironic business. She gets the service we provide and I admire her pursuit of the dream we share. I love her.

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