20 Amazing WWE & AEW Halloween 2019 Costumes You Need To See

Clowns, nerd love and whatever the hell The Miz came as...


There's just something about the crossover between Halloween and wrestling that works on an organic level. Both are about dressing up ostentatiously, some of the most popular choices are often closely related to the supernatural and you get to act larger than life. The candy-transaction system is different, of course, but it can't all work like magic.

Naturally, that means that when the spooky season rolls around, pro wrestlers seem to delight in dressing up and covering social media - and the gallery sections of their employers' websites increasingly - with evidence of their frightful escapades. And remarkably, this year not all of them dressed as clowns.

Now that the season is over and we're all looking ahead to Christmas and excitedly anticipating Mick Foley's celebrations, now's a great time to look back on the greatest and the weirdest costumes of 2019...

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