20 Best Images Of Fans With Wrestlers [Gallery]

Are you sure you ever really want to meet your heroes?

CM Punk Frank the Clown

We all dream of meeting our favourite wrestler.

Ever since I saw The Rock in the WWF as an impressionable young man in the 90s, I longed to meet Dwayne Johnson to tell him how much of a massive fan of his I was, and show him my feeble attempt at the People's Eyebrow.

Considering he's now the highest paid actor in Hollywood and rarely shows up at WrestleMania let alone your local WWE Live show, the chances of me bumping into him are rather slim.

Nevertheless, judging by some of the following images, it's probably for the best I never got the opportunity to get a picture with my hero, because sometimes the photos don't come out as you'd expect.

Whether that be because you've caught the wrestler at an inopportune time (5am at an airport for example), in a bad mood after a long day at a Comic Con, or because you just took a photo without even asking them. Who does that?!

Check out this gallery of the 20 best images of fans with wrestlers, and just be glad you're not in it...

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