20 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (Aug 9th)

The 'Murderhawk' Is A Fulham Fan?!


In a week which saw AEW World Champion Jon Moxley successfully defend his belt against the ever resilient Darby Allin, The Dark Order knock off The Elite and Jurassic Express, and Sammy Guevara nearly kill an already BROKEN Matt Hardy, there was still only one person's name on everybody's lips.

No, not Eric Bischoff (though that was a rather fun turn) the vitamin C TV sensation himself, Orange Cassidy and his hilariously unexpected knowledge of global warming. It was also rather refreshing (because orange juice) to see the usually reserved shade-wearing star reveal a more passionate side to his exceptional character as he laid into his upcoming opponent for this week's episode of Dynamite.

In other news, this week also saw the promotion officially launch AEW Heels, a new membership platform for female fans. Yet, this positive development threatened to be overshadowed by Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes deleting her Twitter account due to the racist abuse she was receiving online. She has since announced that the first meeting was 'a massive success', so f*ck the racists and keep up the good work, Brandi.

With Tag Team Appreciation night just around the corner, though, and All Out slowly appearing on the horizon, what exactly have our favourite ALL Elite stars been getting up to inside and outside of the squared circle?

One quick glance at Instagram seems to suggest a great deal of time was spent at the beach...

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