20 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (May 3rd)

Cosplay, Hangovers and Rebel's photoshoot...

AEW Instagram 3rd May

With wrestling sort of running a little on fumes, it's inevitable that news would slow down a little at this sort of time. There's been no new signings in weeks (though some will no doubt come VERY soon) and PPVs, ironically, come at a premium.

So for now, we have to live on the scraps of Cody Rhodes telling everyone AEW will never have an Authority Figure (because it's outdated in 2020), Tony Khan revealing he's involved in more storyline planning than anyone could have guessed and Heath Slater telling Cody that his decision not to sign the recently released WWE star is bad business.

On top of that, we had actually great wrestling with Lance Archer's destruction of Dustin and some hints that AEW fans may be able to watch wrestling live in not too long a time. Patience, kids, it's coming back soon.

And through it all, the superstars took to social media to show how they're coping with a world locked in stasis. This was the week in AEW Instagram...


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