20 Must See Wrestling Tattoos

Wrestling icons immortalised on flesh: The Rock, Kenny Omega, and a stupid sexy Undertaker....

Photo Realism Undertaker Tattoo

As tattoos have become more widely accepted, they have melded with the popular culture that they have joined. There are very few media franchises that have not graced the skin of at least one of its superfans. Professional wrestling, with the devotion it inspires, is no different. It is only natural that respect for athletes, who put their bodies on the line for our entertainment, would translate into fans giving a part of their body to pay tribute.

Generations of tattoo fans, this writer included, first discovered body art through their favourite wrestlers – The Undertaker being a prime example. There is certainly an overlap between wrestling and body mod culture. Droz even brought ‘Prince’ Albert into WWE as his personal body artist.

Evidenced by crowd signs, and internet memes that somewhat replaced them, the wrestling fandom is full of creative potential and the stars of the sport give them plenty to work with. It is no surprise that when wrestling fans take their creativity to a tattoo studio, the work created results in some of the wildest, unique, funny, and sometimes downright bizarre tattoos to be found on the internet...


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