20 Weirdest Aliases Once Used By AEW Superstars

Before they were Elite they were...something else - featuring Cody, Kenny Omega, MJF, and more...

Curry Man
Impact Wrestling

AEW has a remarkably roster.

Many make the easy comparison to peak TNA, but the promotion has a definite dose of NXT. AEW has a chance to be the best of both; combining industry icons with indie darlings, newcomers, and the best of international territories.

Despite AEW being a rookie promotion, albeit one with the backing of a billionaire, the stars of the show have been grinding away for their spot on the roster. On the way to the top, as in any art, some creative choices were questionable at best. This is no more evident than in the names and aliases a performer chooses, as well as nicknames assigned by others but adopted by the wrestler. It is true that when you are starting out, any name is better than none (though we will concede that "Vacant" has an enviable roll call of championship reigns).

However, even the bizarre and infamous aliases have their limits. The AEW roster harbours regrettable aliases so bad that given the choice between forgetting them or the time they called their teacher “Mommy”, they’d choose the former.

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