20 Wrestlers You Won't Believe Wrestled In TNA's Debut Year

WWE Hall of Famers, NXT standouts, and Kliq members encompassed TNA's debut year roster.

RETRIBUTION Mercedes Martinez silhouette

IMPACT Wrestling recently turned nineteen-years-old, and boy, have they gone through some drastic changes over the years.

The company once known as Total Nonstop Action is currently going through a company renaissance, thanks in part to their working relationships with All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. It means Kenny Omega, FinJuice, Satoshi Kojima, and El Phantasmo have all debuted for IMPACT in recent months, adding their names to the IMPACT history books that already contained a plethora of familiar names.

There's one glaring issue there, though. IMPACT have played host to an endless amount of talent over the years; combine that with the difficult period they faced for a few years, and you forget about a great deal of them.

Tommaso Ciampa? Check. Sami Zayn? Tick. Shinsuke Nakamura? You bet. Seth Rollins, Jon Moxley, Chyna, Dexter Lumis, Zelina Vega, Adam Pearce, they've all wrestled on at least one IMPACT-promoted event.

IMPACT's debut year - 19 June 2002 to 19 June 2003 - was no different. Promoting weekly pay-per-views, something that was unprecedented in professional wrestling in itself, needed this in terms of both filling out the card and finding surprises to keep fan investment high.

It's a legitimate who's who of wrestling past and present...

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