25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (12th July)

Ever wondered what Finn Balor would look like in The Simpsons.


It's not every week a 403-day title reign comes to a dramatic end, but this wasn't just any old seven day spell.

In a painful period where karaoke competitions violated our eyes (and ears!), Eye for an Eye matches were brought into existence and a questionable new United States Championship was revealed, Keith Lee was here to remind us that wrestling could still fill our hearts with joy even in the darkest of times. Now let's all bask in his double-belt wearing glory.

Outside of the ring, Erik (of the Viking Raiders) and Sarah Logan have announced they are expecting a baby, Charlize Theron threw her name into the celebrity appearance hat and AJ Styles branded former Executive Director of RAW Paul Heyman a liar.

Yet, this week hasn't been all baby announcements, career-defining victories and tone-deaf musical performances. Some WWE stars have been busy grafting away in the gym, inspiring followers with important words and powerful poses, bringing wild animals into the world and some have even been crowned BMF's.

It's definitely been a particularly peculiar week in the land of WWE...

(Oh and Vince McMahon's mother celebrated her 100th birthday...what've you done lately?)

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