25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Dec 16th)

Dean Ambrose is now Bane.

WWE Instagram

It hasn't exactly been an easy few weeks for the WWE, what with Raw ratings tumbling to an historic low while failing to create a compelling build for the TLC PPV.

But the social media channels have nevertheless been as abuzz as ever - mostly unrelated to TLC, unsurprisingly - with the WWE's finest taking to the 'Gram to provide yet another illuminating glimpse into life on the road.

Elsewhere it was nice to catch up with a few legends. Mick Foley and Sgt. Slaughter went on a night out with a certain rising star, The Rock once again made you wish you had his life, and Ric Flair proved that all every dog needs in life to be happy is a Ric Flair bandanna.

It's probably a bad sign of the times that wrestlers' Instagram posts are generally more entertaining than the actual WWE product itself, but when Vince isn't giving them anything, they've gotta funnel their creativity somewhere, right?

This was the week in WWE Instagram...


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