25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (March 10th)

Gunge, major surgery and inter-species cuddling...


As the world spins ferociously towards 2019's Fastlane, we're once again looking at the possibility of Brock Lesnar leaving and going back to UFC while one of that sport's most famous figures continues to show her displeasure with Becky Lynch. Apparently, there's more to that bad feeling than a work, because their Twitter beef upset the Octagon veteran. At least it makes the feud a little more spicy.

Elsewhere saw the sad news of the deaths of King Kong Bundy and Wally Yamaguchi, while Dean Ambrose's contract situation might now have a more positive spin with rumours he's going nowhere. Could we get a proper Shield reunion when Roman Reigns returns full-time in May?

Meanwhile, AJ Styles hasn't signed a new contract yet, Jim Ross is leaving and Fox want WWE to be more edgy. A New Attitude Era, anyone? That might be a step too far. And through it all, the superstars took to social media to call each other names, show off their workouts and peel back the curtain on what it's like to be inside the WWE circle.

This was the week in WWE Instagram...

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