A To Z Of Obscure Wrestling Terms

From André Shot to Zabada: the hush-hush lingo of the squared circle exposed...

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From the early dirt sheet days to the rise of the internet, kayfabe in pro wrestling has been steadily eroding to all but the thinnest veil. Even your cousin who fanboys over any film featuring The Rock - though he calls him Dwayne Johnson - could dip into conversations discussing the previously hidden secrets of pro wrestling.

This is not as catastrophic as it might suggest, and arguably a symptom of professional wrestling moving on from its carnival days to the modern age. With social media, little seems to stay sacred or secret, though some wrestlers have been able to turn this to their advantage getting over on their own terms. For the most part, TikTok dances and fun foolishness online in free time doesn't make forcing your opponent to eat the mat look any less wincing.

However as in most coded languages, the wrestling industry has kept some terms away from prying ears; some lost to time, some of a very specific relevance to the craft of wrestling. The terms you really have to go on a deep dive to dig up...

Here is our compendium of some of the more bizarre and niche terms used behind the curtains of sports entertainment.


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