Andrade Calls Out Dave Meltzer Over Charlotte Flair Comments

Andrade was not happy about Dave Meltzer's recent comments about his fiancée Charlotte Flair.

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Andrade has called out Dave Meltzer on Twitter in response to the journalist's recent comments on his fiancée Charlotte Flair.

The former Women's Tag Team, and Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Women's Champion recently took aim at Meltzer after the Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer claimed that Flair was being written off television so she could have "a complete makeover".

Now, following up on Flair's response, her fiancé has taken to Twitter to address the comments of Meltzer and the rumours surrounding his wife-to-be. Alongside a number of photos of the WWE star, the former NXT Champion wrote:

"workout, diet, facials. I show them without filters and without makeup what my fiancee @MsCharlotteWWE looks like and for all those people who comment that she has 1000000 surgeries ( just one) . Please stop talking s**t. @davemeltzerWON"

Meltzer would then reply to Andrade's tagging of him in the aforementioned tweet by stating:

"If you actually listened to the entirety of what I said, it was that men in wrestling are allowed to headline in their 40s and 50s and women aren't, and that is unfair, and in a cosmetic business it's harder for women. I was saying that how that was unfair."

This isn't the first time Meltzer has found himself in hot water for comments he's made about a WWE star's body, with the journalist being lambasted back in 2018 for claiming that Peyton Royce used to be "a lot lighter" during her time working in NXT.


Flair was recently written off WWE television after attacking a referee on Monday Night Raw in storyline, bagging herself a $100,000 fine and a suspesnsion in the process.

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