Every Draft Pick From Last Night's WWE Raw Revealed

Who went where from the mammoth talent pool assembled for WWE Raw's Draft?


Monday's edition of Raw was yet another difficult episode to get through in a series of them, with the Draft itself seemingly sucked into a visceral vortex generated by some of the rancid ongoing angles and cornered characters.

It was tough (to say the least) to refocus attention on a farcical War Room with the threat of Seth Rollins: Arsonist looming, or the possibility of a follow-up on one of the two cucking angles, or working out why Natalya would befriend Lacey Evans without so much as a hint of their reconciliation teased before now.

It was a stupid show with stupid people doing stupid things, and the stupid networks were dragged in too. Both Fox and USA made perplexing choices throughout the show (if we're keeping kayfabe), again without explanation as Stephanie McMahon simply parroted each selection with minimum fuss.

The segments were at least the most efficient on the show, but that's like the old Bobby Heenan comparison of ice cream and horse manure. And whilst the sh*t on Raw absolutely stunk, it wasn't as though the company's grand shake-up left behind the satisfaction of a delicious treat. Though it was just as cold...


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