Every Draft Pick From Last Night's WWE SmackDown Revealed

Red Or Blue? The first selection of WWE Superstars get on their travels.


WWE were kind enough to give an outline of the rather convoluted rules to yet another new Draft format as SmackDown kicked off its second high-pressure edition on Fox.

The concept - a regular ratings panic button for the company - featured humorously overplayed "War Rooms" allegedly representing the higher-ups at both USA Network and Fox. Older viewers may have enjoyed how Vince McMahon's vision of these suited-and-booted types hasn't really changed in 30 years - all the paper scrunching, pen-throwing and gaudy high-fiving were right out of Brell's office in the company-controlled Hulk Hogan Hollywood turkey No Holds Barred. Admittedly, he's been in more of those rooms than most of us ever will, but there was a lingering smell of "d-d-dookie" with every cutaway thanks to the daft acting.

Nonetheless, much like the rosters themselves, it was as though thought had been placed on the presentation, even if somebody might have spoiled the actual picks hours earlier in a very un-WWE error.

That .com bod presumably isn't getting anywhere near the blue brand's coverage over the next few months, but just under half of the crop below will be expected to make good on a billion dollar deal. No pressure then...


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