Every Entrant Confirmed For WWE Royal Rumble 2020 (Men's)

26 men have already been revealed for Sunday's match.

WWE royal rumble 2020 mens

The Royal Rumble is just over 24 hours away, and following the go-home edition of SmackDown, we now know the majority of menfolk set to compete in one of Sunday night's eponymous over-the-top rope battles.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Royal Rumble is the match's huge capacity to surprise, so it's a little disappointing that we already know 26 of the 30 participants included in the men's edition. That disappointment is compounded when you consider the ominous presence of The Big Show on Raw in recent weeks, virtually guaranteeing a berth for the lumbering big man.

And you simply can't have Big Show stinking up the Rumble without his partner in groan Kane alongside him, so expect the Knoxville mayor to rock up also.

Cain Velasquez practically announced himself for the show earlier this month, so assuming backstage plans haven't changed, he'll take up theoretical spot #29.

Who does that leave? The Undertaker? Sting? John Cena? CM Punk? It can't be all of them. It probably won't be any of them.

If, come the final entry, any of the following men have not already entered the ring, that's your cue to get excited.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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