Every One-Time WWE Royal Rumble Entrant Ever

All the Royal one-and-dones. Three of them even won it!


Pat Patterson's best-loved brainchild has been going for the better part of three decades now. A quick tickle of the abacus will tell you that with at least thirty men entering the fray since 1988's experimental 20-man melee - in addition to ridiculously bloated editions both in 2011 and, astonishingly, Jeddah - we've seen just under 300 people take a tilt at Royal Rumble glory.

The majority of those have had a few gos at booking their name on the plane to WrestleMania. Some lucky folk have not just entered the Rumble multiple times, but won it multiple times. Let's put Randy Orton's double down to the law of averages.

Not everybody has been so fortunate. Thirty empty berths to fill every twelve months means more often than not, spaces have been taken by relative nobodies, elevated jobbers, apparent 'legends' - or a combination of all three. Over a third of all Royal Rumble participants had just a single try in the staggered battle royal. All but three were successful.

And one of those wasn't even an actual wrestler.

These are the many men, one woman, and, oddly, two bulls, who only heard the sound of the buzzer a single time. For the sake of clarity, one-time entrants into the Women's Royal Rumble are not included, simply because with only one under our belts, the statistic is meaningless.

Sadly, we did have to include the Greatest Royal Rumble, because for the time being, WWE haven't wiped it from the history books.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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