Every WWE 24/7 Championship Reign So Far

Or European 24/7 TV Championship.


On the 20 May 2019 episode of Raw, Mick Foley returned to unveil the newest WWE championship belt - the 24/7 title, the premise of which was relatively self-explanatory: the title could be won and lost at any time so long as there is a referee present.

This kicked off what has been one of the most entertaining aspects of WWE in recent months, and an element of fun that had previously been lacking, allowing superstars with very little screen time to shine.

Reminiscent of Crash Holly's 24/7 rule with the Hardcore title years and years ago, in less than three months the title has had 17 different champions, spanning 31 separate title reigns, with the longest lasting just 13 days. The unrivaled MVP of the 24/7 scene is R-Truth. With the help of Carmella, the former US champ has 10 reigns to his name so far, and has been involved in 20 of the 31 title changes.

If the short history of the 24/7 title is anything to go by, the future could get crazy.


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