Gallery: WWE Reveals End Of Year Awards

Paige had it sort of easy.


The Earth, such is its wont, is hurtling towards the end of its annual sojourn around the sun, meaning 2018 is drawing to a thankful close - which also means were in smack-bang in the middle of what the mainstream media likes to term 'awards season'.

Yes, little statuettes are being metaphorically buffed as every website in the world honours the last twelve months of their respective industries, doling out gongs as testaments to the achievements of an arbitrary period of time. Everybody's at it.

Obviously, the wrestling world is no different, and alongside ourselves and our colleagues within the grappling journo biz, WWE themselves have dished out their own set of shiny gewgaws at the company staff party. Except theirs are of a particularly special flavour, being as they are chosen entirely without any sort of objective criteria.

That's why, for example, a Match of the Year award is picked based on political reasons as much as it is actual quality. Thankfully, this time around it ticked the latter box too.

Who succeeded in WWE's End of Year awards then? The answers may shock you. But probably won't.

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