What 17 WWE Wrestlers Would Look Like Bald

Delete Hair.


WWE has its fair share of baldies. Perhaps because bald men have higher testosterone levels, are more handsome and generally a lot tougher (yes, I'm bald, why do you ask?), there have been lots of dome-headed warriors.

Sometimes, the bald is a key part of the gimmick. Consider how silly Stone Cold looked with hair. Or Big Show. Or Cesaro. And consider too how much of a glow-up Baron Corbin had when he reached for the razor. It's no accident that it coincided with Vince McMahon saying he was the sexiest man he'd ever clapped eyes on, or something.

Obviously, long, luscious hair has been a thing too - which is why so many stars (Corbin included) hold onto their locks well after the front of their heads have started to look as sparsely populated as a WWE House Show. And no tarps can cure that.

But what if the rest of the roster followed Corbin's lead and went nude for winter? You've probably spent hours thinking about it, and luckily, we have some answers for some of the key players in the company.

Hold on to your wigs, it's about to get spicy in here...

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