WWE Gallery: Brock Lesnar’s 15 Most Insane Spots From 2016 To Present

Elbows to opponent’s head, massive F-5s, and Suplex City b*tch!

Brock Lesnar is, without doubt, one of the most polarizing figures in WWE today. Love or hate him, the WWE Universe always look forward to witnessing The Beast destroy other superstars by sending them one-way tickets to Suplex City.

Over the years, Lesnar has also demonstrated his ability to hit two opponents with a German Suplex at the same time.

When Lesnar is in the mood for more destruction, he will also deliver an F-5 or two (or even six F-5s if you are Seth Rollins) before the night is over. No one is safe from the F-5 as The Beast is capable of using it to victimize “smaller” superstars like Rollins and Dean Ambrose, and also heavyweights like Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman with relative ease. To inflict maximum damage, Lesnar will not think twice to F-5 his opponents through tables, onto steel steps, or over the top rope.

Lesnar is also known to take things a little too far in the ring when he decides to go full “MMA mode,” and bust open his opponents with stiff elbow shots to the head…


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