WWE Gallery: Rare Superstar Gear You've Never Seen

Ric Flair was once a 'Friend of Nature Boy'.

Rare Attires Wwr

These days, wrestlers switch outfits with greater frequency than a Royal princess on the run from the law. Barely a week goes by without some new set of trunks for a mid-card plodder as though anyone could possibly care in the least. Dolph Ziggler's the worst offender, swapping his clothes seemingly daily as if, well, as if they are literally going out of fashion.

It didn't use to be this way. Once upon a time, wrestlers would have a very distinct set of togs which would go someway to concretely defining their character. Things were only ever altered for very special occasions - white WrestleMania season, for example - and even then, tended to be minor variations on the same basic theme.

So used are we to seeing these seasoned superstars in their typical attire that learning about even the slightest departure from the norm causes considerable and irrational excitement. When fresh knowledge of a radical sartorial swing is unearthed, then we're getting into pant-tent territory. Razor Ramon in long tights? A pink Rikishi? Ric Flair in tie-dye?!

You better believe it: these things actually happened. And we can prove it.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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