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Netflix's GLOW: 9 Wrestler Cameos You Need To See

The pro wrestling faces you'll definitely recognise...
By Simon Gallagher

Avengers: Infinity War Will Be The Final Chapter For Some Characters

Well, that sounds ominous...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Worst Back To Back NBA Draft Picks Of The Last 10 Years

One pick away from greatness.
By Lukasz Muniowski

10 Quintessential Doctor Who Moments From The 12th Doctor

Peter Capaldi IS the Doctor.
By Gregory Austin

10 Best WWE Win/Loss Records Of 2017 So Far

2017: the year of the Carmella, apparently...
By Andrew Murray

7 Worst Wrestling Moments Of The Week (June 25)

Where's Our Miracle?
By Andrew Soucek

New, Devastating Toy Story Theory Officially Shot Down

It sounds good, but it's just not true.
By Simon Gallagher

Justice League: Superman Returning In New Trailer?

The Man Of Steel's new edgier look to debut...
By Simon Gallagher

15 Huge Controversies That Rocked Star Wars

Fired directors are just the start of it...
By Simon Gallagher

12 Crazy Sequel Pitches That Almost Ruined Great Films

Triumphant? Narr.
By Simon Gallagher

6 Things You Need To Know Before Bellator NYC

The biggest event in Bellator history takes place on Saturday. Here's a lo-down.
By Jody Jamieson

Tekken: Every Game Ranked From Worst To Best

Get ready for the next battle...
By Scott Tailford

Baby Driver Review: 5 Ups & 4 Downs

Edgar Wright's bonkers and sometimes brilliant action romp.
By Jack Pooley

10 Players Who Rejected Arsenal

Rejection is often a bitter blow to take. Poor Arsene has dealt with a few over the years.
By Jamie Roberts

E3 2017 Report: Security Guards Stole Exhibitor Equipment, More Robberies Reported

The person didn't want to be identified for fear of retaliation from the ESA.
By John Gold

10 Summer 2017 Football Transfer Sagas We're Most Excited For

Just where does the future lie for Cristiano Ronaldo?
By Rory Fallow

Titanfall 2 On Xbox One X Can Run Above 4K Resolution

The Xbox One X is one powerful beast, and this helps prove that.
By John Gold

12 Ruthless Movie Villains Who Lost To Complete Fools

The Force isn't as strong as you'd think in this one.
By Simon Gallagher

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Finally Confirmed For Standalone Release

Finally! No need to buy Infinite Warfare just to play it.
By John Gold

Chelsea Transfers: 10 Players Antonio Conte Should Sign This Summer

Will Chelsea retain their Premier League crown next year? These players could certainly help them.…
By Jamie Roberts

10 Box Office Bombs You Could Spot From A Mile Away

Literally billions of dollars spent on absolute garbage.
By Scott Campbell

PlayStation Boss Confirms Existence Of PS5, Won't Follow Evolutionary Model Of Smartphones

Shaw Layden doesn't think the PlayStation brand will have iterative upgrades.
By John Gold

Every Daniel Day Lewis Movie Performance Ranked From Worst To Best

It's been one Hell of a career.
By Jack Pooley

Until Dawn 2: 10 Improvements For The Perfect Sequel

It's just a matter of time.
By Jackson Osterhout

Game Of Thrones: Ranking Every Season 6 Storyline From Worst To Best

Blowing our minds and boring us to death.
By Jackson Osterhout

10 Ways The Chris Benoit Double-Murder/Suicide Case Changed WWE Forever

The Meaning of Death.
By Michael Hamflett

Anthem: 10 Things Bioware Must Deliver

If this is 'the next Mass Effect', it needs to be perfect.
By Ben Counter

Crash Bandicoot's Secret DLC Will Be Unused Naughty Dog Levels

We've cracked it!
By Scott Tailford

11 Powers You Didn't Know Thor's Hammer Has

As it turns out, Thor isn't even that powerful. It's actually his hammer that has all the powers.…
By Jake Black

Assassin's Creed Origins: 10 Things It Needs To Deliver

From historical figures to weaponising the local wildlife.
By Ben Counter