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8 Video Game Product Placements So Good We Bought In

This list is brought to you by our official content partners.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Incredible F-Bombs Dropped In PG-13 Movies

Sometimes, you just have to drop an F-Bomb to make a f**king point!
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Video Game Villains You Completely Humiliated

For when simple defeat isn't enough.
By Ashleigh Millman

AWFUL Lyrics Quiz: Who Sang It - Maroon 5 Or Nickelback? Community

Chad Kroeger and Adam Levine have penned some pretty terrible lyrics.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

12 Actors Who Got Drunk Or Stoned For Auditions

Remarkably, being pissed doesn't always stop you getting the part...
By Simon Gallagher

10 UFC Fighters Dana White Fell Out Of Love With

The UFC President has a habit of falling out with the company's biggest stars.
By Andrew Pollard

Which Real-Life Figure Were These Actors Playing In Movies?

How well do you remember these biopics?
By Jack Pooley

7 Upcoming New CW Shows To Be Excited About

Reboots, sequels and a ton of superheroes.
By Michael Patterson

The Real Reason Bayley Invaded WWE NXT

Bayley's Full Sail University invasion was part of a bigger plan.
By Andrew Murray

10 Video Games That Launched With A Severe Lack Of Content

Does size matter?
By Joe Pring

You'll Never Get 100% On This Weezer Quiz Community

How well do you know Rivers Cuomo's band? Test your knowledge on this ultimate Weezer Quiz.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

9 Incredibly Important Movie Characters Who Were Killed Off Screen

Wait... where'd they go?
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Best New Cartoons Of The Decade

Some old favourites are still going strong, but who represents the best of the newbies?
By Stacey Henley

8 Short Deleted Scenes That Almost Ruined Great Movies

You can't make a movie without a good editor.
By Alex Leadbeater

Doctor Who: 10 Most Underrated Tenth Doctor Episodes

These Tenth Doctor episodes rarely receive the recognition they deserve...
By Jacob Wilkins

Coldplay Quiz: Which Songs Are These Albums From? Community

2019's Everyday Life is Coldplay's eighth album.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

10 Best John Lewis Christmas Adverts - The Definite Ranking!

Christmas doesn't officially begin until the John Lewis advert is out, but which one is the best.…
By Jen Gallie

Death Stranding: 21 WTF Moments You Need To See To Believe

Peak Kojima.
By Jack Pooley

Can You Name These Woody Harreslon Films From Just One Image? Community

Woody lovers of the world, UNITE!
By Dylan Rush Submit Your Content

10 TV Characters Cut From Shows (In The Worst Way)

Personal vendettas between writers and actors should never be played out on screen.
By Josh Brown

10 Oldest Mutants In X-Men History

Their mutant power? Being old as balls.
By Tom Baker

10 UFC Stars Who Couldn't Back Up Their Words

Those fighters sure do love making rods for their own backs.
By Gareth Morgan

10 Movie Reviews Better Than The Movie Itself

Those rare moments where a critic surpassed the artist.
By Kevin McCasland

15 Amazing Guest Appearances On Bojack Horseman

Do You Know These Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities?
By Matt Thompson

10 Monumental Video Game Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming

That damn Lance Vance...
By Sam Matthews

The Office US Or The Office UK Quiz: Who Said It - Dwight Or Gareth? Community

The battle of office idiots.
By Rahul Verma Submit Your Content

10 Insane MCU Details Nobody Noticed

By Jack Pooley

Riverdale: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Which Riverdale characters 'ascended' their way into our hearts, and which ones to failed to do so?…
By Michael Patterson

7 Movie Spinoffs That Were Better Than The Original

Star Wars, X-Men, DC... they're not all inferior sideshows.
By Danny Meegan

The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Finish These Quotes

It all started with this Big Bang Theory quotes quiz!
By Laura Holmes