10 Awesome Temporary Power Upgrades Received By Comic Book Characters

8. Various (Captain Universe)

Captain Universe Spider Man Without concentrating on a specific individual, Captain Universe has empowered a number of characters - both heroes and villains, as well as a whole load of very obscure characters. Captain Universe is is a disembodied superhero who, upon possessing a host, grants that host the Uni-Power. The Uni-Power is an extra-dimensional force that possesses an individual (or, on one particular occasion, twins) in a time of crisis, transforming that person into a tangible Captain Universe. As a general rule, possession by the Uni-Power grants the character superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, senses and durability, as well as flight, energy blasts and enhancement of their existing powers. In certain cases, it has granted other more esoteric powers but these seem to manifest differently in each case. For a few examples, let's start with a hero. When it possessed Spider-Man in order to stop the Tri-Sentinel, the cosmic-powered Spider-Man was able to battle the Trapster, Titania, Magneto, the Brothers Grimm, Goliath, Hulk, TESS-One, Dragon Man and the Tri-Sentinel itself - the majority of these are well above regular Spidey's pay-grade. Spider-Man, in this form, was able to make adamantium webbing in addition to the massive general power boost it gave him. For a villain example, let's look at Juggernaut. The Uni-Power possessed Juggernaut when some tectonic plates needed repairing and William Nguyen was unable to do the job. In this instance, it didn't really provide Juggernaut with any esoteric powers, but it did provide him with enough strength to fix the problem (though whether or not Juggernaut could have done that anyway is open to debate). However, it's a great example of the Uni-Power changing the personality of the person it possesses. A more random example is Tamara Devoux. She was a normal African American woman who was badly hurt in a car crash. At the time of the crash, her little girl, Ella, was in the car. The Uni-Power sought out Tamara because she was dying, the same as it was at the time, in order to save them both (and, of course, Ella). An interesting little factoid is that, on one of the occasions when the Uni-Power possessed Bruce Banner, it enabled his two alter-egos - Banner and the Hulk - to communicate with each other.
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