10 Awesome Temporary Power Upgrades Received By Comic Book Characters

7. Doctor Doom (Magic Skin Armour)

Doctor Doom Skin Armour In Fantastic Four #67 and the subsequent "Unthinkable" arc, Doctor Doom wore a vile suit of new armour. Doctor Doom obtained this mystic armour following a bargain with the Hazareth Three. The exact specifications and limits of this armour are unknown, as it wasn't around for long, but there are still several quantifiable feats to refer to. In order to obtain the armour, Doom , as part of the deal, had to sacrifice something that could never be replaced. He chose the only woman he had ever loved in his past (his childhood sweetheart, Valeria) as a sacrifice, and appeared to her, where he magically killed her and transformed her skin into the leather used in his armour. This emphasised the lengths to which Doctor Doom would go to obtain power, but seemed extremely out of character for him, nevertheless. Doom's normal armour contains both powerful technology and the ability to auto-cast magic, but this new armour took his overall power to new heights thanks to vastly improved magical abilities. It allowed him to summon armies of Mindless Ones (super-strong henchmen with Cyclops-style optic blasts) with a mere thought - all of which were under his control - to fight against the Fantastic Four. It also enabled him to fight the heroic quartet in hand-to-hand combat and come away totally unscathed - for example the Human Torch's nova flame was shrugged off and magically transmuted in to snow, while Ben Grimm's punch broke Doom's neck and he magically healed instantly. He was also able, thanks to the armour, to cast illusions - such as the one that made Reed Richards see his baby as a vile bag of guts and bones. Essentially, it was an awesome upgrade in power that put Doom way above his regular levels of power, but it was achieved in a vile way and didn't last for more than this single story arc.
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