10 Batman Movie Villains Reimagined For The DCEU

Doing the rounds in Arkham.

DC Comics

The cells of Arkham Asylum are filled with some of the most memorable rogues ever to grace the comic book page, from the devilishly psychotic Joker to the Venom-fuelled powerhouse known as Bane.

Batman has faced off against these nasties across multiple mediums more times than anyone care to count, and yet fans never get sick of seeing them reinvented.

The Dark Knight's movie outings have, in all fairness, a mixed track record when it comes to bringing his foes to the big screen, with Heath Ledger's Joker at one end of the spectrum and Arnie's Mr. Freeze making ice puns at the other.

When the Caped Crusader returned to cinema after a short hiatus in last year's Batman V Superman, the reboot switch was flicked, paving the way for the superhero's most iconic villains to be reimagined for a new age.

In the current DC Extended Universe continuity, we already have our Clown Prince of Crime and Harley Quinn, but it remains to be seen which other Bat adversaries will be added to the fray and what form they will take.

Ben Affleck's Dark Knight has a solo outing pencilled onto the roadmap at Warner Bros, and that brings the opportunity to revisit some of the great movie villains of old and present them in an all-new light.


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