10 Best Comic First Issues This Week (Dec 19th, 2018)

The best new #1s YOU should be checking out this week!

Marvel Comics

New Comic Book Day has come once again to the world! With only two more Wednesdays in the year, what fresh new books can round off the year with a bang?

While not having any bearing on these books directly, it would be a shame not to mention that every Marvel book this week, and presumably for weeks to come, holds a banner in memory of Stan Lee with a full-page portrait and the years of his birth and his death.

It is a touching gesture that means you should at the very least pick up one of the comics as a physical copy for sentimental reasons.

With no regard for reprints, trades or special editions, these are the 10 best new comic books you should be reading this week!

10. Season's Beatings #1

Marvel Comics

Wade Wilson is hosting his own holiday anthology book, filled with all the fourth wall breaking references and jabs at Marvel you can think of. Jason Latour writes the whole thing, with a variety of artists brought in to cover different stories.

They include Miles and Peter teaming, with a fun twist of Petey in his black costume for a bit of confusion. Doctor Doom receives a gift from his sixth greatest nemesis, Squirrel Girl. Quentin Quire and Kate Bishop have to find out who's a bad Santa in a line up of mall Santas, with a special guest appearance from Krampus. It ends with Deadpool and discovering absolutely nothing for this holiday season.

The wide variety of artists allows for each story to feel unique and showcase some amazing art. Sometimes, it is truly just the dumb-fun of Deadpool-fueled holiday stories that can bring about some chuckles and a good read.

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