10 Best Superman: The Animated Series Episodes

Is Superman's cartoon just as good as Batman's?

Warner Bros.

Many fans of the DC Animated Universe point to Batman: The Animated Series as the preeminent example of a superhero cartoon that simply worked, but there was another that stood just as tall. Superman: The Animated Series followed a similar style as Batman, but followed the last son of Krypton as he was introduced to a new generation of fans.

Through the course of the series' three seasons and 54 episodes, the show covered most of Superman's greatest enemies and storylines in beautiful animation. Many of those episodes were well-written and could be found all over the internet with lists detailing the best Superman shows ever made, but this article covers only those episodes from Superman: The Animated Series that can truly be considered as the best.

Whether it was due to the amazing skills of the animators, the writers, or the voice talent, these ten episodes represent the very best Superman: The Animated Series had to offer. If your favorite episode isn't listed, please sound off in the comments and let the world know your favorite Superman: The Animated Series the show produced!


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