10 Best Variant Comic Book Covers You’ve Never Seen

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

DC Comics

For years, comic book art wasn't taken nearly as seriously as it should've been outside of the medium. Inexplicably seen as nothing more than "Doodles for children", you'd have had to have been in the know to appreciate the work of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and more while they were plying their trade over at the House of Ideas.

In an elitist world where Andy Warhol could paint a can of soup and be hailed a genius, those responsible for some of the greatest art ever seen simply flew under the radar. But not anymore.

With comics being at an all-time premium these days, people have started to appreciate those that bring the Marvel and DC universes to life more and more, and really, it's about time.

With some of the greatest talents ever assembled, the industry is more alive and vibrant now than it has ever been before. Plus, with such a varied array of artists available to bring your favorite characters to the page, the business has never been better.

But it isn't just those that fill those pages that deserve recognition, as a great cover will always grab you first. Here are the best ones that may have eluded your gaze...


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