10 Biggest Things To Come Out Of Marvel Legacy #1

The issue brought some big changes.

marvel legacy

Another year, another redirection, and arguably, Marvel has never needed it more than it does right now.

With sales dropping and vocal fan upset with some of their directions for numerous reasons, the publisher needed a major shift to refocus and refresh and, more importantly, to bring people back into the fold.

Marvel Legacy #1 has come out as a massive one-shot, Marvel's own version of DC Universe Rebirth, and to try and bring back the fans it's lost as well as attract new readers, leading into the many new directions in their titles as part of the ongoing Marvel Legacy rebrand.

It remains to be seen whether or not it succeeds, but just what were the major changes brought in with the issue? What kind of Marvel Universe can readers expect to find now and in the coming weeks and months, and just what could it all be leading towards?

We here at WhatCulture have put together a list of some of the bigger changes, both immediately obvious and subtle, that Marvel Legacy #1 has brought into the Marvel Universe.

Beware, spoilers lie ahead.


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