10 Characters Who Could Return In Marvel Legacy

Who's Coming Back to Marvel?

Marvel Comics

Marvel consistently leads the comic book market in sales, yet despite their overall dominance, they've experienced something of a slump across their titles in recent months. While this certainly isn't the end of comics as we know it, it does mean that Marvel needs to refocus their brand.

This refocus will come in Marvel Legacy - a relaunch designed to pull readers old and new back into the fold. While the past few years have seen numerous new heroes take on the mantle of established icons (often referred to as legacy characters), Marvel plans to incorporate the newer heroes' stories with their original counterparts in an attempt to bring the universe back to something resembling the status quo.

It's been met with a somewhat mixed reaction, but the company are promising a lot for the upcoming relaunch, kicking things off with a one shot releasing next week.

Along with being a jumping on point for readers, Marvel editorial has said that Jason Aaron's initial issue will influence stories for years to come. While details on the issue's contents have been vague, what has been promised is the return of an essential character that has been missing for some time.

So just who, exactly, returns? There hasn't exactly been a shortage of deaths in recent years, and with Legacy promising a return to a classic Marvel library, there are plenty of exciting options to consider.


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