11 Reasons You're Wrong About Marvel Legacy

Seriously, what's with all the doom and gloom?

Captain America vs Iron Marvel

Although things might seem fine and dandy on the big screen, things haven't been all that rosy for Marvel this year. Certainly, the House of Ideas has struggled to recapture the fine form it showed in the wake of 2011, and with controversy aplenty, it's fair to say that they'll be looking to forget the last year with baited breath.

But things look set to turn around. Even with Marvel Legacy having been ridiculed to hell and back again since its announcement, moves made in the past few months have intimated a general willingness on Marvel's behalf to right the wrongs of years past, and - much like DC have done with Rebirth - to make their comics feel fresh and yet immediately familiar.

Of course, the build up to this event hasn't been without fault. Retailers are quite rightly unhappy at the way Marvel have been handling the whole variant cover affair, and, while there is talk of a newer, fresher direction, old Marvel mainstays litter the solicitations from October onwards; that true Rebirth is still a way from being realised.

And yet, there's plenty of reason to be excited about Legacy. Despite the cringe taglines, the covers and the rest of it, it does - at the very least - look like a genuine change in direction. Granted, quite literally anything would look good following Secret Empire, but still, it's not nearly the disaster fans have prophesied it to be.

Who knows? It could just be the best Marvel relaunch yet.

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