10 Comic Book Movies That Changed Characters For The Better

10. Korg - Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Studios

Unless you're made of scissors, Taika Waititi's take on the Thing's kiwi brother from another mother was a delight. As a shy, ghost-hating, soft-spoken Kronan, the take on the character that was featured in Thor: Ragnarok was a far cry from the stoic, haunted character that featured in Greg Pak's landmark Planet Hulk storyline.

Although the same basic origin story is present, with Korg being forced into gladiatorial slavery on the planet Sakaar, comic Korg had a bit more of a rocky road towards heroism. After being defeated by Thor after a botched invasion of Earth, Korg is made a prisoner of the Red King and is forced to kill his brother, as well as hundreds of other fighters until he is released by the Hulk and the Silver Surfer. He then - apparently not learning his lesson from his earlier invasion - goes to Earth to help Hulk get his revenge against the Illuminati.

The movie version of the character fits the more comical tone of the film far better than the battle hardened rock monster of the comics, and it allows for the best bromance in the MCU with the insect with knives for hands, Miek, who, unlike the comics, does not set off a bomb which kills Hulk's family, which is probably the worst basis for a bromance ever.


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