10 DC Comics Heroes Who Still Need To Appear In The Arrowverse

Are they ever going to deliver on all those Batman references?

DC Comics

Over the years, the The CW's ever-growing bunch of DC superhero shows - collectively known as the Arrowverse - have brought a huge number of heroes from the comics to the screen. We've seen archers aplenty, so many speedsters, a menagerie of metahumans and sidekicks galore.

However, the Arrowverse is still far from complete, with many heroes who seem like perfect fits for these shows never having put in an appearance. Most of them we know actually exist in the Arrowverse, though, as these shows frequently namedrop or subtly allude to a famous figure in the DC universe for the fans to pick up on. For instance, that time a guy in a pilot jacket labelled 'Jordan' walked by in a scene set in Coast City.

This is all well and good but someday we would like the shows to make good on their references. Yes, some characters might be difficult to get a hold off, thanks to the busy DC movie division, but we have to live in hope. If Warner Bros. can allow two Flashes and Supermen to run/fly around, then why not two of everybody?

Commiserations to DC stalwarts like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam etc. We love these guys, but there's never been much of a call for them to enter the Arrowverse so they didn't make this list. The following ten, on the other hand, are a different story...


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