10 Essential Marvel Teams Not Yet Used In The Movies

Assemble the A-Teams! No, not the Avengers. Not all of them, anyway.

Marvel Comics

With Avengers: Infinity War just on the horizon, everyone and their mother is ready for the crossover to end all crossovers, and the team-ups that'll come of it. But with many expecting an end to this particular incarnation of Hollywood's favourite super-team, it's about time for the MCU to look to others in their comics roster to take over, whether to honour the Avengers' legacy or to blaze their own trail.

The Marvel comics universe has a huge stock of teams and organisations, both good and bad, and some questionably amoral, that carry with them the same nuanced storytelling and interesting characters that make up their roster. Some of the characters included have already been seen flying solo or in other teams in the MCU so far, but each of these characters is sure to shine when you put them with newer players on the big and small screens.

Some of the most iconic and interesting teams that have graced the pages of Marvel's comic universe would do well in Marvel's film or TV universes, whether to take over after the last Avengers film or to provide Marvel with fresh new stories sorely needed in the golden age of comic book adaptations...

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