10 Funniest Moments In Marvel Comics

9. Tiny Deadpool

Marvel Comics

Interestingly, the smaller Deadpool gets, the larger the comedy in his comic appears to get. This is the only logical explanation for how the few issues following the story of Deadpool trying to get back to his regular size manage to contain jokes that are even funnier than the usual standard.

It’s also worth mentioning that this tiny Deadpool plotline comes directly in the middle of another one – which is maybe irritating for some, but otherwise is entirely hilarious.

The idea of the writing staff putting the major plot on hold to do some Honey I Shrunk the Kids shenanigans is a truly beautiful one, and it’s made all the better by how surprisingly good they make a fairly overused concept.

It's also the closest to an adult version of Stuart Little we are ever likely to see, and thus worth its weight in gold.


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