10 Funniest Moments In Marvel Comics

Who got Santa the Infinity Gauntlet for Christmas?

Marvel Comics

In the realms of comics, comedy is probably the hardest to pull off well. Not only can writing it wrong straight up ruin a comic, but adding it into a plot in a way that is seamless takes genuine talent. Even comedy writers who are given the chance to write their own comic appear to struggle, as finding the line between too many jokes and not enough plot looks to be pretty difficult.

The fact that it’s difficult is also exactly why it’s awesome to see genuinely funny moments in comics – be they intentional or not. Comedy can be the cherry on top when done well – and Marvel are clearly big fans of cherries, as their comics often manage that blend of story and humour just right.

If you want a dark and mournful story of tragedy, this isn’t it. If you want to see Galactus think he’s a hip and edgy teenager? Well, look no further...

10. Captain America: The Worst Wingman

Marvel Comics

How a panel of Captain America shouting "SHE LIKES YOU" in block capitals isn't a meme yet is the ninth wonder of the world. The context of said panel – a mostly deafened Captain America discovering a secret romance developing between two of his team mates – is funnier still, for being something that could easily have been taken from a comedy show’s skits.

Seeing Steve Rogers – a man usually characterised as empathetic and mature – shouting gossip like a schoolgirl with a scandalous secret is just about the golden standard of comedy in comics. When a situation is equally funny in and out of context, you know you’ve hit a genuinely funny moment in comics.

Captain America is many things - leader, hero and inspiration - but damn, he's a really bad wingman.


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