10 Grossest Comic Book Relationships You Won't Believe Exist

And you thought Love Island got weird.

Marvel Comics

Comics wouldn’t be the same without the relationships within them. From tragic, tumultuous love stories to happy marriages, seeing characters have love lives just like us adds some extra realism wherever they can be found – even when it’s between two people dressed head to toe in spandex.

But, unfortunately, this realism means that comics have their fair share of weird and just plain messed up relationships - just like real life. Except much worse, because at least we don’t have laser beams, long-lost siblings and nemeses interfering with our dating plans.

Or becoming dating plans, because there’s a strikingly worrying trend of having plot twists reveal that a couple are actually related – though the more worrying part is the frequency with which they just keep on dating anyways. There must be something about facing evil everyday that makes things like casual incest comparatively chill, because rarely are the more questionable relationships ever actually called out.

Between siblings, underage aliens, and horses, here are some prime examples of how your love life could be much, much worse.


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