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How do you like your comic book heroes? Do you like them to stand for truth, justice and the American way? Then this feature probably isn’t for you. However if – like us here at What Culture – you like your heroes with a little more edge then you’ll probably feel right at home. Do read on.

There’s a reason why wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk struck such a chord with WWE audiences or people fell for characters like Oh Dae-Su in Oldboy or Tony Montana in Scarface. People love a great anti hero. Someone who stands for the right things but isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty to accomplish their goals. So popular in fact is the idea of an anti hero that real life criminals such as the Kray twins, Mark Read and Charles Bronson have become modern day folk heroes despite their heinous actions.

The comic book universe is notorious for its array of different types of hero. Many like Superman are blue eyed, uncomplicated heroes in the typical sense while others like Wolverine have more depth and a whole different idea of what makes a man (or woman) a superhero. In this feature we shall be looking at 10 of the very best comic book anti heroes there’s ever been, but will focus entirely on those who are human – so no mutants or super humans allowed.

Who has made our top 10? Click Next to find out. And if you disagree with our choices then have your say in the comments section below. But for now we present to you 10 human comic book anti heroes you don’t want to f**k with … ever! Read on to find out why.

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This article was first posted on September 16, 2013