10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Captain America You Won't Believe Exist

"Good morning, President Rogers."

captain america
Marvel Comics

There's nothing that DC and Marvel love more than a good alternate universe. DC have fifty-two of them, while Marvel have an endless amount, with alternate timelines, realities and dimensions having dominated some of the publisher's most famous stories over the years - a standout, of course, being the Age of Apocalypse.

And with these rather weird and wonderful realities have come equally colourful versions of the House of Ideas' characters. Heroes, villains and various supporting figures have all been given the alternate-Earth treatment, and though Spider-Man and the X-Men are perhaps the most famous, everyone's favourite star-spangled man with a plan, Captain America, has been the subject of many of these tales.

Some, obviously, have painted the character in better lights than others, but half the fun in these depictions is seeing the character taken to new - and often times bizarre - places. These Caps may not be the one we're familiar with after all, but if they were just the same version of the character in different settings - well, that wouldn't be very interesting, would it?

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