10 Insane Alternative Versions Of Batman You Won't Believe

What were they thinking having a Batman priest?

DC Comics

DC Comics have a real thing for alternate timelines and interpretations. In current comic book continuity there are 51 different 'earths'. 51 versions of the universe - some nicer than others. The Multiverse also, quite thankfully, allows writers to experiment with established formulas.

A change in setting, origin, outfit, powers or maybe all of them. Writers can mix it up without any consequences to older, more established narratives. And yes, this does include everybody’s favourite shadow hiding vigilante, Batman.

There is the belief that no matter what, there must always be a Batman. In mainstream culture this idea is apparent with Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond, or John ‘Robin’ Blake at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. The rule also applies within the deeper mythos of DC comics - that every Earth should have its Batman.

There have been various iterations of the Caped Crusader since the character made his debut in 1939. Some have offered just the odd change here and there, like a costume or a tweaked origin. However, some interpretations can end up really messing with the established formula, all with their own varying degrees of success.


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