10 Legendary Comic Book Runs You Must Read Before You Die

The X-Men really are the best, aren't they?

Marvel Comics/Jim Lee

A comic book run is a series of books created by a set team, usually centered around a writer and one or more artists. Instead of being a simple pairing of creative geniuses working on a short series or limited run, these usually consist of dozens of books consisting of multiple stories.

Getting the right team together is not an easy task, but if you look back through the more than 80 years of published comic book history, every now and again, a couple of creators got together to make something truly amazing.

Instead of focusing on single storylines, even those that are told across numerous books, the comic book runs found here deal with the creative works of people who cover significant periods of time.

Thanks to many of these creators, the world has been gifted with some of the best entertainment the medium has to offer. The works of these stunning creators has gone on to influence the worlds of television, gaming, and film, but it all started on the page of comic books. There are plenty of amazing comic book runs to cover, but these are arguably the best of them all.


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