10 Lines From Comics Too Weird To Be True

The weirdest extracts from DC and Marvel.

DC Comics

With all the elaborate – and totally abnormal – happenings within the various storylines of Marvel and DC, it’s basically guaranteed that taking some lines out of context is sure to make them sound completely bonkers.

However, there are lines that stand out among others – both for still being totally weird in context, and for being unforgettably, undeniably weird.

A lot of this can be attributed to somewhat outdated language, as naturally the kind of things that are acceptable to say now and then differ massively. However, that’s not exclusively the case, as there’s also a vast portion of equally weird and wild stuff made within the worryingly recent past that's sure to raise a few eyebrows.

10. "Batman Kills Babies."

DC Comics

Although it’s not going to win any awards for most surprising comic book sentence, the concept of Mister Miracle subtly trying to convince people that Batman is a child murderer in his free time is both vaguely disturbing and absolutely hilarious.

It’s something about the absolute seriousness that he delivers the line with that makes it so bizarrely funny. The statement is obviously untrue (depending on how you perceive the deaths of his sidekicks), yet it’s also so honestly spoken that you almost believe Mister Miracle genuinely thinks the Dark Knight has some equally dark secret hobbies.

It is also unclear if he’s talking to his friend – the tastefully named Funky Flashman – or his actual infant son, which would make the whole thing even funnier. Warning your infant son of life’s dangers? Crucial. Weaning him off Batman at an early age? Perhaps less so.

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