10 Major Resolutions For DC Movies In 2017

It's time to meet the Bat Family.

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Despite all of the criticism, all of the controversy and all of the excuse-making, the DC Extended Universe has made a lot of money. It also has a lot of fans (the two things are of course inextricably linked), and there remain major possibilities in its future. Sure, it's not the MCU, but that wasn't a home-run from day one either, and there needs to be a little perspective when talking about the fledgling failures of the shared universe.

That said, there have also been some crimes and missteps that were so wrong-headed and so obviously misguided that rectifying them in advance makes the film-makers and the studio look a little silly. And it's about time they starting owning their problems and not glossing them over with box office returns and the angry passion of a fanbase element that would accept Joel Schumacher's movies as AMAZING these days simply because they're DC.

2017 represents an important year for DC and Warner Bros even more so than the year just passed: they'll take the lead in the leading female character stakes by releasing Wonder Woman and they'll release the first Justice League movie, which already promises to rectify some of the issues with Batman v Superman. But around those releases, the studio needs to work pretty hard on refining their output and making sure they avoid some of the sins of the past.

Here are some things DC definitely need to do in 2017 to bring some success...

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