10 Massively Underrated Marvel Villains

They've got the power, now it's time for the respect.

Marvel Comics

Now that Marvel has spread beyond comics to a film and TV empire, more people than ever before know their iconic villains.

However, while the likes of Loki and Ultron may be instantly recognisable along with the big-name villains, Marvel actually has a whole treasure trove of great bad guys that it can exploit.

Unfortunately though, a lot of these characters don't get the respect they deserve and are often relegated to the lower tiers of a hero's rogue's gallery. A lot of them have the potential for greatness, but they end up serving as the backup to more famous villains or as cannon fodder in large groups like the Masters of Evil.

There are still hidden gems hidden among the likes of Paste-Pot Pete and Frog-Man. Some are villains who should be used way better than they are now, others are simply in need of a comeback and one just needs to stop being written with such a ridiculous accent.

One of the most common complaints about Marvel movie villains is how generic and underdeveloped they are, maybe it's time to give some of these guys a shot instead.


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