10 More Comic Book Teams That Need Their Own Movie

Should The Avengers be replaced by The Illuminati?

Marvel Comics

Superhero movies aren't going away anytime soon. The Marvel and DC cinematic universes alone have grossed billions of, highlighting well-known heroes, and shining the spotlight on other lesser known ones, taking them into the mainstream.

The best thing is, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds if not thousands of superhero - and super villain - teams waiting to make the jump from page to screen.

In an effort to avoid becoming stale, though, movie studios can't continue relying on the same old faces, and are going to need to start looking deeper in their respective vaults. It's a risk, but a potentially lucrative one. 10 years ago, when the MCU began, no one could've guessed that a talking, machine gun-wielding raccoon would become a household name, but here we are.

The fictional universes are becoming ever more populated, providing the perfect opportunity for multiple characters to join up and kick arse together, and these are some of the more esoteric and dynamic teams that deserve an opportunity to destroy the box office.

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