10 Most Heartbreaking Deadpool Moments

10. Getting Kicked Out Of His Own Christmas Party

Marvel Comics

If superheroes were graded on general kindness shown, Deadpool would probably be the first to get an F-. That's why it's so surprising that he plans a Christmas party for more or less the whole Marvel hero roster - and even more surprising that he gets immediately kicked out of it. Given that normally Deadpool is hardly at boy-scout levels of morality, it seems strange that nobody thanks him once for what is a genuinely selfless deed, and instead exiles him the minute he makes a joke.

Sure, said joke is a tasteless one about the death of the Hulk, but getting mad at Deadpool for a bad joke is sort of like getting mad at Batman for brooding, or Spider-Man for shooting webs - there's just not much point to it, especially when he's fully rented and decorated a function room so everyone can have a nice time.

While Deadpool spends the rest of the comic pummelling a Roman god - which is an infinitely better way to spend the holiday season - there's something quite sad about seeing his moments of kindness and generosity totally rejected in such spectacular fashion.


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