10 Most Inappropriate X-Men Storylines

10. Ugly John - New X-Men #114

Marvel Comics

Ugly John appears in precisely two comics - New X-Men #114 and #115 respectively - and is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the saddest comic characters in existence, birthed into a world truly set against him.

In an upsetting twist, Ugly John is actually the character's superhero alias, as his real name is Steve. Why would his superhero name be an insult? Well, Steve's power is that he has three faces, and apparently, each one is equally and uniquely ugly.

That's his entire superpower.

While it is kind of funny to have such a useless ability in a universe where people get to control half the world with their powers, it is also kind of sad, as luck essentially set the world against Ugly John from the start.

He doesn't even get a cool death, as in his final issue he is injured by Wild Sentinels and then put down by Cyclops when his injuries are too bad - meaning his coolest moment is just the mutant equivalent of Old Yeller.


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