10 Most Messed Up Moments In DC Comics

Can someone PLEASE stop Lois Lane?!

DC Comics

As an industry, comics contain some of the most heart-warming moments in entertainment history.

That said, where there's a silver lining there must also be a cloud, and thus for every heart-warming moment in comics there must also be an equal number of totally messed up moments. Sometimes, these moments are well executed – most people would give The Killing Joke at least some kudos, for example – but often, they’re just outright weird.

In all fairness, with the sheer number of comic issues, it’s almost inevitable that some of them end up completely weird. Between weird sexual shenanigans, surprising and graphic deaths and completely surreal events, there are ample examples that not every comic makes for the wholesome experience some folks are used to.

10. Gross Twisting Zombies

DC Comics

The scene where a corpse starts twisting awfully in Justice League Dark deserves to be in a horror film. It’s like the clown from IT and the xenomorph from Alien had a baby, and that baby was also infused with the worst nightmares you’ve ever had. It’s real bad, in short.

In all fairness, it’s a testament to the artist’s skills that the whole scene appears so entirely messed up. Each of the grotesque monsters has been made with all the care that good horror games put into their designs, and the detail put on moments like a mouth slowly growing away from the rest of a body is monumental – and totally nightmare-inducing.

They’re a little counteracted by the banter and comedy of the comic, for sure, but these monsters aren't something you’d want to come across on a dark night.


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